Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

I have no idea how racism, bigotry and hate have reared their ugly heads once again in America. We tried to legislate it away 50 years ago…..In hindsight, perhaps we should have understood that legislation doesn’t cure social failures.

We should all already know that those who want to succeed, will…. regardless of their color, nationality, or religion. I fear that graduate students of the future will receive Masters and Doctorate degrees on their analysis of this short sliver of time in American history, where we moved backwards.

It’s time to stop and put this ugliness behind us and to once again move forward. Racism shouldn’t make you feel smarter, or make you feel superior. Its really only the best way to fast track yourself to stupidity. If you suffer from this malady, then it would be wise to get a Passport and get on a plane and go somewhere, meet people that don’t look like you and come home. Planes leave from an international airport near you to every destination in the world every day. The Earth doesn’t revolve around the USA.

A white guy walks into Myanmar.

A white guy walks into a gay pride parade. (rated R for language)

A white guy walks into Pakistan.

A white guy walks into Africa

A white guy walks into a Mosque.

White Americans take on ISIS.

We gather here today to right a great wrong.

A lot of people don’t like Jewish people.

I hope every American will stop and examine his conscience.

Jackie Robinson
Arch Conservative

Roberto Clemente

Kareem Abdul Jabbar